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Matt Wilson has had more than enough failed relationships with women to last a lifetime. And finding a woman who will understand his emotional and physical scars, doesn’t seem possible. But when Megan Barnes enters his life, the discovery of a moment in time might allow them both to find a path their inner hearts already know exists.

Autumn's Gift of Love - A Fan Favorite Book

Following the death of her manipulative husband, Maggie struggles to regain her self-esteem. Two years on her own has allowed her to recapture most of her confidence in a job she loves. When Kendall enters her life she finds herself struggling to disengage from a past that has twisted her judgment, preventing her from moving on with her life – more than she cares to admit.

But can Kendall’s patience hold out long enough for her to unravel the lies she has yet to discover?

Will Maggie allow herself to trust Kendall enough to reveal her deceptive past, and experience the kind of love she longs for?

About the Author

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Cyndy Beckhardt, a Maryland author wrote her first “cozy romance” book in 2021.  Her career as a published author almost didn’t happen as her manuscript for Autumn’s Gift of Love stayed in a drawer for 15 years. She now embraces being an author with the release of her second book, Pure and Simple.

Autumn's Gift of Love

"...The interplay between Maggie and her new love Kendall is enhanced by the author’s sensitivity to both a wounded soul and a supportive new mate, creating a love story with depth and significant healing messages. This is a remarkably fine debut novel form the pen of a promising new author."
Grady Harp
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