Cyndy was born in Baltimore, Maryland and is the youngest of three children. She currently resides in Carroll County, Maryland with her husband and son. Her love of books and stories began with many trips to the public library. When she was in elementary school, she would staple little pieces of paper together and create stories. Her love of reading continued to grow into high school, where she became a Library Aide.

Cyndy has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders and a master’s degree in Audiology. She currently works in a school library, where her love of books is shared with all the students and teachers who walk through the door.

Her favorite romance writer is LaVyrle Spencer, and she has enjoyed every one of her twenty-four books. When Cyndy found out Spencer was retiring, she was inspired to start writing her first romance novel, “Autumn’s Gift of Love,” which she tucked away in a file drawer upon completion, with a sense of deep satisfaction. Now, it’s hard to say that there is anything good about a pandemic, but time at home opened the door to exploring the possibilities of grasping hold of a “maybe one day” hopeful dream. It provided the time for making unexpected connections that propelled that hopeful dream into a reality.

Cyndy has recently broadened her writing skills by taking an historical fiction class to delve further into intertwining the past into her stories. She has also enjoyed participating in a flash fiction writing challenge through Writer’s Digest which pushed her imagination to the limits.

In her free time, Cyndy enjoys scrapbooking, genealogy research, gardening and numerous crafts. You will find her crocheting in the winter and working in her flower and vegetable gardens in the summertime. Oh, and she will be crafting her next story too!

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