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Maggie. Moving on with her life after the loss of her controlling husband was difficult for Maggie Thompson, but she’s finally started making decisions on her own again.  Then tall and handsome Kendall Hartman enters her life and Maggie isn’t sure whether she wants a friend or a lover.  A struggle ensues inside her head causing her to question her judgement about her actions when it comes to any relationship, along with her inability to accept and express her own desires freely.  Will Maggie be able to overcome her past, one that was riddled with rejection – or will the memory of Richard’s control and manipulation prevent her from finding the gift of love?

Kendall.  His good looks and sensitivity make him appealing to lots of women, but being six feet seven inches tall is making it hard to find the right one.  When petite Maggie enters his life, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind. Then out of the blue she asks him to stay for dinner, and a life he thought he’d have to live without might finally be turning into a reality.  But will he have the patience to let her reveal her darkest secrets and accept his love – or will Kendall’s patience run out causing him to lose her forever?

Autumns Gift of Love

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Pure and Simple - Coming Soon

Another cozy romance book by author Cindy Beckhardt is coming soon! Matt Wilson has had more than enough failed relationships with women to last a lifetime. And finding a woman who will understand his emotional and physical scars, doesn’t seem possible. But when Megan Barnes enters his life, their pasts laced with fear and grief, might take the impossible and turn it into something unexpected.


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